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Food Science and Technology: FAO Collection

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Collection

The IFSH Library is 1 of 12 libraries located in the United States that receives information published by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.  The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Collection at the IFSH Library dates back to 1947 and is comprised of over 5700 volumes.  To locate a specific series title or document, see the box to the right entitled, "Searching for FAO Material at the IFSH Library."

Searching FAO Material at the IFSH Library

To search for FAO Material at the IFSH Library open the two documents below: 1) "Finding FAO Material at Moffett," and 2) "FAO Holdings Spreadsheet." Once you have opened up both documents, follow the directions in the document entitled "Finding FAO Material at Moffett."

FAO Holdings at the IFSH LIbrary

Open up both documents to find FAO Material at the IFSH Library (Moffett Campus).