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SAM 504: Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy

A course guide for SAM 504: Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy, taught by Weslynne Ashton in Fall 2023

Article Search

Industry Research

Industry codes are a way to help classify industries into categories to group similar firms and companies together. Using an industry code to search will help ensure that you are actually looking at companies that are in similar lines of business.

There are several industry code systems, but the one that is most likely to be useful to you is the North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS.

When searching using an industry code, the more digits you use, the more specific your search will be. We recommend starting your search with only 4-5 of the numbers.

Illinois Tech Library Search

The easiest way to search for materials is by using the Illinois Tech Library Search.

Check out our Library Search User Guide below for more information about performing basic and advanced searches using this tool.

Interlibrary Loan

Screenshot of the library homepage with the library search in the middle highlighted

Enter your search terms into the Illinois Tech Library Search

Located in the middle of the library homepage, you can use this search to find known items like required readings and textbooks, or use keywords to find new articles and books.

Screenshot of a search result in the library catalog

Browse your search results

To look at a particular result, click on the title.

Screenshot of an item record with the section

Access online items directly

When an item is available online, a list of options will appear under the "View Online" section of the record. Select one of these to access that item. You may be prompted to login with your Illinois Tech credentials before you can view the item.

Screenshot of an item record with the

View where physical items are located in the library

Use the call number and location listed in the record to find the book on the shelves, or ask at a library help desk for assistance.

Screenshot of an item record that is unavailable with the interlibrary loan link highlighted

Request unavaiable items using Galvin Library Interlibrary Loan

Use the link in the catalog, which will automatically populate the request fields, or place a request directly in MyILL using the steps listed on the Interlibrary Loan page of our guide to checking things out.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a popular way to search for scholarly articles, reports, books, and more. Make sure to connect your Google Scholar account directly to your library account to streamline your access to articles.

Search directly below, or click the link to search in the Google Scholar interface.

Google Scholar Search
Screenshot of Google Scholar homepage with arrow pointing to the button to open the right side menu

Open the sidebar menu by clicking on the three lines in the upper left corner

Screenshot with arrow indicating where to find the

Click on "Settings" from the right sidebar menu

Screenshot of Google Scholar indicating where to find the link to

Navigate to your "Library Links" page

Select "Library Links" from the right sidebar menu, and search "Illinois Institute of Technology" in the search bar in the middle of the page.

Screenshot of Google Scholar showing the appropriate boxes checked

Add Illinois Tech's library links

Check the boxes next to "Illinois Institute of Technology - Find Full Text -> IIT" and "ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - MAIN CAMPUS - ProQuest Fulltext" and hit "Save"

Search for articles

Now when you search for articles, you should see "Find Full Text -> IIT" to the right of some of your results. Click on it to be redirected to the Illinois Tech catalog to access the article.