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Business & Economics

A guide to business subject resources, including: marketing, economics, company research, statistics, and stocks.

Business Liaison Librarian

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Anri Brod


This guide is intended to provide key resources and places to begin your research related to business and economics, including:

  • Company and/or industry research
  • Scholarly articles, books, and case studies
  • Magazines and news articles
  • Data & statistics

Use the tabs on the left to navigate if you have a specific topic you are researching, or start with a general search using one of the recommended databases below.

Recommended Databases

These databases are the ones we recommend for starting a general search on a Business or Economics-related topic. If you have a more specialized information you need, use the navigational tabs to find more specific resources to begin your search.

Course Specific Guides

If you're in a particular class and looking for your course guide, select the subject "Business" from our list of LibGuides and find your course number and name.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a popular way to search for scholarly articles, reports, books, and more. Make sure to connect your Google Scholar account directly to your library account to streamline your access to articles.