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Finding Journals and Articles: Find Articles on a Topic

Find many articles about a topic

Use databases to find articles about a topic.  Galvin Library has over 120 different databases.  Databases are like storage containers, and each database stores different information.  You will need to find the databases that contain information about your specific topic before you can start searching.

Subject Specialists

Why consult a subject specialist?

You're not alone! Galvin Library has subject specialists for every major area of study.

These librarians order books, teach classes, and meet with students directly to help them find appropriate resources for their subjects. 


Find your subject specialist and email them to make an appointment, or use this form.

And, view our list of research guides for online help for your area of study.

Why can't we just use Google?

This guide illustrates the pros and cons of Google searches versus database searches. You will learn how to optimize your research time and results by using the appropriate site to search for information.

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