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Finding Journals and Articles: Getting the Full Text

Method 1: From within the same database

If you are searching a library database, you may come across results that include a link to download a PDF of the full text article. It'll look like this: 

Click on the PDF link, and it will open within EBSCO. You can then save the PDF, if you wish. (You may have different browser settings that opens the PDF in a new window. Either way, the PDF will open. If it isn't opening, check your pop-up blocking options.)

Method 2: From other databases

And some articles do not have PDF full text in the same database...To make it easy and fast to find out which database has the PDF you want, we use a system called "isit@iit." 

When you click on the icon it will let you know if we have the article in another database. In this example the PDF will be found in another library database, Sage Premier.

Click on the link to Sage Premier and you will be sent to that database. Sage automatically opens the PDF for you, but some databases will have you click on a link to open the PDF.


We manage tens of thousands of journal titles. Sometimes something as small as one letter in the URL or an incorrect spelling of an author's name can lead to errors in retrieving the article. If you are unable to retrieve the PDF, fill out the Feedback Form as linked on the page.

Method 3: From interlibrary loan (MyILL)

Sometimes, the full text of an articles will not be found in another library database. If this happens, you will be informed that there is no full text available online, and the page will direct you to use our interlibrary loan service, called MyILL. This free service obtains a PDF copy of the article from another university that subscribes to the journal for you.

Click on the link for "MyILL." If you have already created your MyILL account, you can simply log in. If you haven't created your account, make one now. After logging in, the article request form will be automatically filled out with the information you need:

All you have to do is click Submit at the bottom of the page. You'll receive an email when the article has been delievered to your MyILL account, so that you can download the article.

Articles requested through MyILL typically take 3-10 business days to be retrieved. 

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