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Finding Journals and Articles: Find Articles on Your Reading List

A guide to finding journals and articles .

What are articles and why should you read them?

Articles are shorter works, usually between 1 and 35 pages, that are about a specific topic.  Use articles to: 

  • support your argument in a research paper
  • learn who is doing research in your area
  • stay up-to-date with the most current research

You will use library databases to find journal articles.  Most professors will ask you to use scholarly articles. This page explains what databases are and how to find the best one for your topic. Learn more about scholarly articles on the library website.

Find many articles in a specific journal

Do you want to browse the latest issue of your favorite journal? Did your professor tell you to find articles from certain journals?  Go to the Journal Finder page or search the Journal Finder below.  Type the journal name and hit go to be directed to the database that journal is found in.  To find journals about your research interest, click the By Subject tab.


Find a specific article

Professors may ask you to read a specific article.  You may also find article titles in a reference list, or a friend may recommend that you read an article. A citation contains the specific information about the article, such as the title, author, date and journal in which the article is published.  You will need the citation to find the article in library databases.  The Articles by Citation form below will connect you to the database that has the article, or take you to MyILL to request the article. 

Search the article title in Google scholar

Google Scholar Search