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Library Information for International Students

This guide contains helpful information for international students about using Galvin Library.

Find articles about a topic

Use databases to find articles about a topic.  Galvin Library has over 120 different databases.  You can search or browse articles by using recommended subject databases.

Here are some most popular databases. 

Finding Journals

The Journal Search allows you to search for journals available at Galvin Library. You can search for a journal by title or subject. If IIT doesn't own the journal you are looking for, we can obtain copies of articles for you via interlibrary loan

Subject Librarians and Research Guides


Subject Librarian

Galvin Library has subject librarians for every major area of study. Find out your who is your subject librarian and contact them for research help.

Research Guide
Browse the Research Guide for your subject major or special topic to see what resources are recommended and who to contact for help in that area.

Google Scholar

Setting up "Library Links" on Google Scholar allows you to get easy access to articles available through our library subscriptions. Even if we don't have the full text of the article you found in Google Scholar, the Library Links tool will automatically populate a MyILL request for you so that you can request it through another library. Follow the steps below to set up this feature. 

From Google Scholar, click on the 3-bar menu located in the top left:

Choose the Settings option from the menu:

Click on the Library Links option. Search for "Illinois Institute of Technology" and click the magnifying glass:

Check the box next to "Illinois Institute of Technology - Find Full Text -> IIT" and press Save:

Now, when searching for articles, the Find Full Text button will appear to the right of the result. Click on it to get access to the article.

If you don't see the "Find Full Text -> IIT" link on the right side, try expanding the two small arrows below the citation. This will bring you to a request link in order to request the article through MyILL.

To find more information about MyILL and setting up an account, see the page below.