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PA 568: Strategic Competitiveness in the Public Sector

Finding Articles

Finding Journals

The Journal Finder allows you to search for journals available at Galvin Library. You can search for a journal by title or subject. If IIT doesn't own the journal you are looking for, we can obtain copies of articles for you via interlibrary loan

Recommended Books

Optimize Google Scholar

When Google Scholar knows you're connected to IIT, it can link you directly to any articles you search for that IIT has in full-text. This lets you use Google's great indexing capabilities to get linked to the more than 40,000 full-text journals that IIT subscribes to. 

From your favorite browser, go to the Library Links section of the Google Scholar settings. Add "Illinois Institute of Technology" to the library links section. This will allow Google Scholar to access IIT's databases to locate your article in full-text. 

Citation Management Tools