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Humanities 200 (HUM 200)

Course guide for Humanities 200

Key Resources

Additional Places to Search

Database Search Tricks

The guide below has additional images and explanations, but briefly, remember:

  • Use keywords instead of full sentences, and be mindful of spelling
  • Combine keywords using AND, OR, and NOT in the search bars to begin your search.
  • Use filters like Date, Source Type, or Peer Reviewed to refine your search and find sources that fit your requirements.
  • Review your results and adjust your keywords to find different articles based on your results.
  • Save sources that might be useful by copying the citation or permalink, downloading the article, or emailing it to yourself.
  • If you're having issues accessing a source, contact the library

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a popular way to search for scholarly articles, reports, books, and more. Make sure to connect your Google Scholar account directly to your library account to streamline your access to articles.

Search directly below, or click the link to search in the Google Scholar interface.

Google Scholar Search