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Data Management and Open Data

This guide provides best practices and resources for getting started with managing and sharing research data.

What Is Open Data?

Open data, sometimes referred to as data sharing or data collaboration, is a philosophy that data produced as part of your research ought to be freely shared within certain limitations, such as privacy.

Why Is Open Data Important?

Sharing data is important for several reasons:

  • It streamlines research. Instead of spending time recreating datasets to test hypotheses or models, researchers can use pre-existing data.
  • It enhances cumulative research. In cumulative research, progress is made by expanding on prior research. By providing full access to your data as well as your published results and conclusions, you make it easier for other researchers to expand on your work.
  • It enhances transparency of your research. By sharing your data, other researchers are able to more clearly comprehend your methodologies and conclusions. They can replicate your analyses using the same data or compare your data with other datasets.


Open Data Sources

Additional Resources