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What Is Open Scholarship?

Open Scholarship, also known as Open Science, is a philosophy that holds that all forms of scholarship ought to be freely accessible to everybody everywhere without encumbrance of any kind. The belief is that the rapid, seamless, and widespread sharing of scholarly output will foster greater creativity while providing more transparency and instilling more trust in research.

How Can Illinois Tech Faculty Support Open Scholarship?

  • Publish in open access journals
  • Submit work to repository.iit, and encourage students to do so as well  
  • Work to establish departmental or college level open access policy 
  • Provide peer review for open access journals 
  • Use open access materials as part of your courses

How Does the Library Support Open Scholarship?

Institutional Repository 

repository.iit is a great way to make your work open. The library will work with faculty, students, or staff members to deposit research in the institutional repository. We can make the work open to the general public, pending your agreement with your publisher. Even when work is not able to be placed in the institutional repository because of copyright restrictions, there may be other versions of the work (such as preprints) that can be made freely accessible.   

Library Open Access Policy 

The library has an open access policy for the published works of librarians. This policy was created using the Harvard Open Access Project as a guide. Please contact if your department or college is interested in developing an open access policy. 


If you are considering publishing in an open access journal, we welcome you to contact the library at We can help provide information about the credibility of the journal, and can also assist in helping faculty to navigate copyright agreements with traditional publishers so that work can be made open access. 

Where Can I Learn More About Open Scholarship?

The Illinois Tech library maintains several guides on topics related to open scholarship, linked below.


Additional information on open scholarship can be found on any of the following websites: