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Data Management and Open Data

This guide provides best practices and resources for getting started with managing and sharing research data.

Data Management Plans

A data management plan describes the data you use in your research and describes how you plan to store and share your data. Data management plans are often required by funding institutions.

 Data management plans should include:

  • description of the type of data that will be created,
  • the format of the data and the metadata that will be used to describe it,
  • methods for archiving and preserving the data,
  • policies for accessing the data, and
  • plans for releasing or terminating the data in the longterm.

DMP Tools and Templates

The DMP Tool is an interactive tool for drafting data management plans that walks you through the process of creating a plan for a variety of funding agencies and institutions.

Funder Requirements

Many funding agencies require grant applicants to include a data management and/or data sharing plan in their proposals. Follow any of the links below to find more information on these requirements.