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Data Management and Open Data

This guide provides best practices and resources for getting started with managing and sharing research data.

Discover Data

Discover- in addition to collecting your own data, you may use data and metadata that was originally collected by someone else for your project

Data Citations

Data citations are important for data sharing and data reuse. Just like citing other scholarly work, citing data gives creators credit and creates a trail of research progress. You can create a citation of your data for others to use and you should cite other's data that you may use based on their metadata.

The basic data citation should consist of these elements:

Creator (Year) Title. Publisher. Identifier

Creator: Individual(s) or organization responsible for creating the dataset

Year: Year the dataset was published, not necessarily created.

Title: Should be as descriptive as possible.

Publisher: Organization that provides access to dataset (e.g. Dryad, Zenodo).

Identifier: Persistent, unique identifier (e.g. a DOI).