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如何写论文: 更多给力的数据库功能

这篇指导主要用来解释说明什么是论文, 在美国写论文与在中国写论文的要求有什么区别,写论文所需得资料,如何利用图书馆,学校的资源来更好的完成论文,以及引用,参考文献格式等等同学们需要注意的事项




Important! 注意!


扩大搜索结果: Truncation

A truncation search allows you to search for several similar terms using one word. For example if you wanted to search for information on industry in China, using the search term


will return any results that include the words "industry", "industries", or "industrial".

Many databases use the asterisk * symbol for a truncation search; some may use a question mark ?. Check the help section of the database you're using to be sure, or ask a librarian.



例如,If you search for the exact phrase "pulse generator", the following title will be included in your results,

"Design of a Tunable All-Digital UWB Pulse Generator CMOS Chip for Wireless Endoscope," 

but not the title

"Helix antennas for generators of short high-voltage pulses".

Citation Format 引文格式

几乎所有数据库都有引文功能(Cite),可以帮助你自动完成编写不同的引文格式(Citation Format): APA, MLA, Chicago style...

1. 点击Cite,查看引文格式。               2.选择你需要的引文格式 





缩小搜索范围: Filters

Filters take a set of results and allow you to reduce the number by focusing on a specific area. Filters are helpful because you normally have more results returned from a search than you can read. Different databases have different types of filters, but you can usually filter your results by the following areas:
Content type: Also known as "source type" or "Document type," this limits by the type of publication of your results: journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conferences, etc. This example is from the IEEE Explore database.

Date of publication: This allows you to limit your results to more recent publications, or older articles for a historical perspective. This screenshot is from the Web of Science database.

Full-text: if you need research articles right away and don't have time to wait for an inter-library loan item to arrive, you can limit your results to items whose entire content exists in the database and not just the abstract. this example is from the Academic Search Premier database.

There are many other ways to limit your results; these are only a few examples.

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