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Exploration Space: 3D Printing

Print Quality and Size

The Exploration Space uses Luzbot TAZ 6 and a PRUSA i3 printer. The maximum print size is 28cm x 28cm x 25cm. Prints vary in quality depending on the difficulty of the print.

How to Submit a Print

Prints are submitted by filling out the Submit a Project Form. For multi-part prints, please submit each part separately. 

Your print must comply with the Illinois Tech student handbook policies. We also do not accept prints of weapons, or anything that could be considered discriminatory.

Pricing and Pick Up

Your print is weighed after it is completed and we charge 10 cents per gram. Please pay for your prints at the online store. Once you have paid, you can pick up your print at the Exploration Space during our open hours. Projects can be expected to be printed within a few days of file submission