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Scientific Research Ethics: General Resources

This guide offers some materials to begin your research on the following topics: animal research subjects, authorship, conflict of interest, data integrity and management, human research participants and research misconduct.

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Bibliography of Books and Journal Articles

Anderson, Melissa S., Emily A. Ronning, Raymond De Vries, Brian C. Martinson. "The Perverse Effects of Competition on Scientists' Work and Relationships" Science and Engineering Ethics. 13:4 (2007) 337-361.

This article reports on a series of focus groups held with 51 mid-career scientists which asked the participants to reflect on the effect competition has on their work and their relationships. The scientists saw this kind of competition contributing to a decline in the sharing of information and methods, and a rise in careless or questionable research conduct.
Bulger, Ruth Ellen, Elizabeth Heitman, and Stanley Joel Reiser. The Ethical Dimensions of Biological Sciences. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. CSEP Library, CSEP.QH332.E731993.

An anthology of essays for graduate students and practicing researchers in the biological sciences covering ethics and authorship, plagiarism, human and animal research subjects, standards of ethical conduct in research, and the scientists’ responsibility to society.
Barnbaum, Deborah R and Michael Byron. Research ethics: text and readings. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, 2001. CSEP Library CSEP.Q180.55.M67B372001.


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This paper examines the ethics of scientific research and analyzes the various factors, both inside and outside of science, that limit its effectiveness to control misconduct in science.

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