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Responsible Conduct of Research: Publication Ethics

This guide offers some materials to begin your research on the following topics: animal research subjects, authorship, conflict of interest, data integrity and management, human research participants and research misconduct.

Essays and Online Modules


Books, Anthologies and Other Resources

Peer Review

A collection of resources on Peer Review from EthicsCORE, the webisite of the National Science on Applied and Professional Ethics. 

Open Access and Scientific Communication

Communication and Science: Pressure and Predators is a collection of article discussing some recent ethical issues that have come up in science communication. Of special interest is a piece called "Who's Afraid of Peer Review?" which talks about some of the ethical issues associated with the vetting process of some open access scientific journals, including charging authors hidden fees to publish and failing to adequately review papers before publishing them. The article describes what happened when the author submitted a spoof paper to 304 different open access journals, and more than half accepted the paper, failing to notice its fatal scientific flaws.


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Retraction Watch

Retraction Watch is a blog started in 2010 that tracks the retraction of published papers as a window into the scientific process.

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