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SSCI 225: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

A guide to library and other resources for SSCI 225

Search Tips

The guide below has additional images and explanations, but briefly, remember:

  1. Combine keywords using AND, OR, and NOT in the search bars to begin your search.
  2. Use filters like Date, Source Type, or Peer Reviewed to refine your search and find sources that fit your requirements.
  3. Review your results and adjust your keywords to find different articles based on your results.
  4. Save sources that might be useful by copying the citation or permalink, downloading the article, or emailing it to yourself.

Illinois Tech Library Search

The easiest way to search for materials is by using the Illinois Tech Library Search.

Check out our Library Search User Guide below for more information about performing basic and advanced searches using this tool.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Data Sources

In general, when looking for data, ask yourself who would be interested in this information? A government agency? A nonprofit? A private company? Then try to discover what agencies, companies, or organizations fall under that category, and see if any of them have publicly available data.