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A guide to Mathematics resources including research papers, articles, & data.


This guide will help you find reliable resources for your research assignments for Mathematics. Use the recommended resources below or navigate this guide using the tabs at the left to find more specific resources or get additional information.

Recommended Resources for Math

These are some of the most relevant and widely used resources for math.

Clicking on the "view more results" link above will take you to our fully searchable and filterable A to Z database list. There are three filters at the top of that page to help you select the most appropriate resources:

  1. Subject. Use this to select only those resources relevant to your subject area.
  2. Type. Use this to select only certain types of resources, like journal articles, case studies, codes & standards, datasets, or product information.
  3. Vendor. Use this to select only free publicly accessible sources OR sources provided by a specific publisher.