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Career Fair Pro Tips

How to quickly find company and industry information so that you can have meaningful conversations with company representatives at the career fair.

Doing Company Research

When preparing to take the next step in your professional journey, it's important to be well prepared and to do your research. There is nothing more impressive to a company than a candidate that is knowledgeable about the company/industry and can hold an intellectual conversation related to the company/industry. You want to make sure you stand out and be remembered.

Topics you may want to consider when doing your research:

•    Accomplishments - ex) “Best Tech Company of the Year”
•    New Launches - ex) new products, designs, systems, etc..
•    Company Performance
•    Investors / Partners
•    Leadership Team

Having this background knowledge will give you an advantage over the other potential candidates.

Company Research Resources

Current Awareness

Mergent Intellect

Company Search

Search company by name, URL, executive, industry, and location.

Clicking Search results in a report of companies matching your search term. If an inactive company appears in your results, that company will appear in red.

You can view Company Overview, Industry Details, Executive Details, Financial Details, Competitor List, etc. Some companies may have multiple options under various menus.

In Company Overview, you can find Key Information, Latest News and posted jobs.

Industry Search

Go to First Research, enter your IIT email to log in. 

Search industry by keyword or industry code. The industry report includes Industry Overview, Business Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, Call prep sheet/questions.