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Learning Microsoft 365

Find the resources you need to use Microsoft 365 effectively in your work at Illinois Tech!

Microsoft 365 Transition

Welcome to the Galvin Library's Microsoft 365 Learning Guide!

This guide is part of the Microsoft 365 training partnership between Illinois Tech's Galvin Library and the Office of Technology Services (OTS). Staff and Faculty at Illinois Tech can use this guide for self-directed learning of the Microsoft 365 environment and the steps they need to take to make the transition smoothly.

Faculty and Staff at Illinois Tech can find helpful training content here. Content is arranged into pages by topic, accessible via the menu. This guide is organized with the intent of organizing content around workflows and productivity rather than a comprehensive, detailed look at each M365 app. Content includes brief written tutorials with screenshots as well as brief videos produced in-house at Illinois Tech. Wherever appropriate, links to Microsoft's own learning content, provided through its Viva Learning platform, are also included. Other external resources may, in addition, be linked.

Google to Microsoft 365

As Illinois Tech completes its transition to Microsoft 365, you will want to not only be able to preserve your workflows and productivity through training, but also your archive of important files that have accumulated over the Google years.

With so many departments working in diverse ways across campus, there will be no single correct way to complete this process. We can provide you with recommended tools offered by both Google and Microsoft to make this process easier, as well as tips, tricks, and important things to consider.

The Office of Technology Services has assembled a comprehensive guide on how to move over to M365 from the Google environment. Follow this link to learn more:

OTS Google to Microsoft 365 Homepage

Please note that there are deadlines during this transition. OTS will keep their transition page up-to-date with the latest information, so be sure to check back frequently!

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