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Google Tips: Searching Tips

Search tips and shortcuts when using Google Scholar and other Google interfaces.

Set up Library Links

Setting up "Library Links" gives you easy access to articles available through our library subscriptions. Even if we don't have the full text of the article you found in Google Scholar, the Library Links tool will automatically populate a MyILL request for you so that you can obtain it through another library. Follow the steps below to set up this feature. Please note that settings are computer-specific, so you will need to set up this feature on all devices that you use Google Scholar on.

From Google Scholar, click on the 3-bar menu located in the top left:

Choose the Settings option from the menu:

Click on the Library Links option. Search for "Illinois Institute of Technology" and click the magnifying glass:

Check the box next to "Illinois Institute of Technology - Find Full Text -> IIT" and press Save:

Now, when searching for articles, the Find Full Text button will appear to the right of the result. Click on it to get access to the article.

If you don't see the "Find Full Text -> IIT" link on the right side, try expanding the two small arrows below the citation. This will bring you to a request link in order to request the article through MyILL.

To find more information about MyILL and setting up an account, see the page below.

Useful Search Operators

Search Operator Description Example


(dollar sign)

Use this to look for a certain price.  o'hare flight $300 retrieves Chicago-area flights for around $300.


(minus sign)

Works like the Boolean "NOT." Removes results that contain a specific term. garden -beer would retrieve results about gardens, but exclude information about beer gardens.
"   " (quotes) Searches for an exact phrase. "cognitive behavioral therapy" would bring up only results with those three words present, in the order listed.
filetype: Place this operator before the type of file extension you would like to retrieve.

A search for calendar filetype:xls retrieves calendar templates that you can download as Excel spreadsheets.


Use to search for either of the search terms listed. NOTE: Without OR, Google uses an "implicit 'and' " and would only retrieve results with BOTH of your words.

OR must be capitalized to work!

Search for oxidation OR patina to find results that mention either oxidation or patina.
related: Put this operator directly before a web address that you already like  to retrieve similar sites for you to explore.

Searching for retrieves other social media sites.

HINT: try this with a favorite blog or recipe site to find similar websites!

site: This allows you to search for a word or phrase on a specific site.  Searching for "academic calendar" helps you to find IIT's academic calendar quickly.

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