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Illinois Tech Library Guides

Library Services for International Distance Learners: Articles and Databases

Where to Start

Always start from the library website or by logging into the MyIIT portal and clicking on the red library e-resources icon, when you want to access a database.  Most databases need to know that you are authorized to access their materials.  When you go to a database's web site it will not be able to identify that you are an approved user.  When you go through an IIT library page you will be able to authenticate correctly and use the database right away.

Recommended Databases

These databases are great places to look to find information about a variety of subjects.  Check out the Databases page to see a full list of databases.

Pre-Search: Using AND, OR, NOT

These are common features of many different databases: the ability to use AND, OR, and NOT to create a better search.

The area shaded yellow shows you what kind of results you will get using the search terms "calcium" and "fatty acids".

AND: this means that all search terms must be in the item for it to be displayed after your search. It will give you fewer, but better, results.



OR: this means that an item must have at least one of the terms entered to be displayed. It will give you the greatest number of results and can be helpful when you have two similar terms, such as "sustainability" and "energy conservation".


NOT: this means that the search term cannot be part of an item for it to be displayed. It is not used as ofter as the other two features, but can help remove unwanted items from your results.


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