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An in-depth guide to using Zotero.

About Zotero

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is free, open source software that collects, manages, and cites research sources, including online journal articles, books from the library catalog, news articles, and websites. It's a great time-saving tool that helps you avoid writing citations and bibliographies manually. For a 30-minute start-to-finish tutorial, see our YouTube video below!


Although Zotero has a high degree of accuracy, no citation generator is 100% accurate. It is your responsibility to make sure your citations and references are correct! See the "Editing Fields" page for instructions on editing your entries.

Zotero workshops

Online Help

Is Zotero on library computers?

Zotero is NOT installed on library computers. You can only install Zotero on a personal computer. However, if you set up an online account, you can access your citations from any location.

Attribution: This guide was adapted from the "Zotero" guide created by Jason Puckett, Georgia State University Library. Adapted/shared under the Creative Commons license.