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Finding and Using Books from Galvin Library: 2. Locate the book


There are many locations within Galvin Library.  Ask the librarian or student worker in the Research Help Office to help you find your book. Is your item located at an IIT library that you don't usually visit? If the book you'd like is owned by IIT, but it's not at your preferred library, see the "Books from Other Libraries" box.

Books with an "Available Online" label can be read online. 


Common locations where you may find your book

There are many locations where your item may be stored, but here are some of the most common locations.

Books that you can get yourself from the shelves:

Galvin Circulating Collection - Upper Level:

Books with this location will be found on the upper level of Galvin Library.  They start directly south of the main stairwell and curve around to the south-west corner of the building. 

  • Call numbers beginning with letters A-Z are shelved in order, with the "A" books beginning in the first row of Galvin Circulating Collection - Upper Level.
  • "Galvin Circulating Collection - Upper Level" books can be checked out and taken out of the building.

Galvin Electronic Resource:

These materials are accessed online, either from somewhere on campus or at home. If you're at home, you'll be asked to enter your myIIT ID.

Galvin Leisure Reading Collection - (IIT Borrowing Only):

Leisure Reading books and newspapers are on the northwest shelves on the upper level. Only IIT students, staff and faculty are allowed to check these books out.  Magazines are located next to the couches in the northeast corner of the upper level.   Leisure books have a 3 week borrowing period.  Magazines and newspapers can only be used inside the building.

Galvin Reference (Non Circulating):

Galvin Reference books are usually dictionaries, encyclopedias, and multi-volume sets of standards.  These books can be found on the shelves next to the computers on the upper level.  They cannot be checked out.

Galvin Library Periodicals (Shelved Alphabetically by Title):

Journals whose titles begin with letters A-S are found on the lower level.  A's begin on the first row after the Group Study Suite and continue into the room past the vending machines.  S-Z titles are upstairs in the blue shelves between the Group Study Room and the northwest corner of the building. Please note that the majority of our journal subscriptions are in electronic format and they can be accessed by title using the Journals List.

Gov Docs Microfiche (Galvin) (Non Circulating), Government Documents (Galvin Non Circulating):

Items with the phrase "government documents" in the location could be in a variety of places, including the internet.  Please ask the Research Help Office for assistance with government documents.

Books that you obtain at the circulation desk:

Galvin Reserves (Library Use Only - inquire at Circulation):

Books with this location are kept behind the circulation desk.  This is where you will find textbooks, too. 

  • Write down the call number of the book and bring it to the circulation desk, and they will obtain the book for you.
  • Reserve books cannot leave the building, but may be used inside for a 2 hour period.

Galvin Reserves Closed Stacks (inquire at Circulation):

Books with this location follow the same rules as Galvin Reserves.  Bring the call number to the circulation desk to obtain the book for library use only.

Books that you obtain from the Research Help Office (RHO):

Galvin Closed Stacks (CSX) (Non Circulating):

Closed Stacks books are rare, old, or fragile books that are kept in a secure location. The staff member at the Research Help Office will refer you to the Archives to review the book. You may use the book inside the library only.  An ID is required to use these books.

Theses (IIT Archives) (Non Circulating):

Dissertations and theses written by IIT students are kept in the Archives on the lower level.  Bring the call number of the thesis or dissertation to the Research Help Office and a staff member will get the book.  Dissertations and thesis must stay in the library, and an ID is required to use the books.

Books that are kept at other IIT libraries:

DTC Stacks (Circulating) - Downtown Campus:  Books with this location will be found in the  IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library.

Graham Resource Center (Local Circulating):  Graham Resource Center books are located on the lower level of Crown Hall.

Ethics Center Library (Local Circulating): Ethics Center Library books are located on the mezzanine level of Hermann Hall.

IFSH Library-Moffett Campus (On Campus Circulation Only):  Only IFSH students, staff and faculty are allowed to access these books.

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