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Illinois Tech Library Guides

Liaisonship: Outreach

Engagement & Outreach

  • Regular communication with department heads and faculty
  • Participation in relevant departmental programs and meetings
  • Distribution of relevant communications to departments

New Faculty Introduction

Dear Professor XXXXX,

Welcome to IIT! Before the fall semester begins, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you about some of the services Galvin Library has to offer you and your students to assist in your success.

My name is XXXX and I am the liaison for XXXXXX from Galvin Library. Please think of me as your primary contact for any questions you may have about the library and its services.  I maintain research guides <link> for many of the courses offered in XXXX and in particular the XXXXX research guide <link> which will assist students in your classes. I encourage you to check out the guides, see what we have available, and feel free to make any suggestions on content that you would like to see.

We have already created your library account that allows you to access databases from off campus as well as request books from our consortium’s I-Share catalog and use interlibrary loan. See the new faculty guide for information on how to access and use these resources. For off-campus access to subscription databases such as XXXX, you will authenticate through the IIT portal.

Please feel free to contact me at (312) 567-XXXX or EMAIL with any questions. I look forward to meeting you and your students this academic year.


Continuing Faculty

Hello, my  name is __________ and I am the ____________ at the Galvin Library here at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I am writing you because I am the new library liaison to __________ department. As the Galvin Library is trying several new initiatives, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the following:

*Library research and Information Literacy instruction session

*Research Appointments for undergraduate and graduate students

*Facilitating and assessing requests for library collection development

*General informational assistance for faculty & academic departments

*Scholarly Communication general assistance for faculty and researchers, including information on how Galvin Library supports Open Access requirements through our Institutional Repository.

I’d be pleased to get a chance to hear your (and/or your department’s) perspective on how the Galvin Library might be able to support your teaching and research efforts. Please let me know if you would like any information, or are interested in any of the above services we offer. I’d happily come over to your office, or even grab a cup of coffee with you, at your convenience.

Syllabus Library Statement

Ask a librarian for help with your research in this class. You can drop by the library’s Research desk to ask any question you have, at any point in your process. Librarians help students find and evaluate articles, books, websites, statistics, data, government documents, and more. For more information on hours and librarians, visit the library’s website:

Ask a librarian by phone at (312) 567-3616 or email  You may also contact the subject librarian assigned to the course {Librarian Contact}.

Possible Responses for Suggested Purchases

Here is the link for the form for suggested purchases 

Possible language for response to students


Thank you for your suggestion; we will pass it along to the book purchasing group. Within the next month, this group will review this request alongside the other suggestions and evaluate if this item can be ordered. If you would like to read this book right away, there are/may be multiple copies available at nearby institutions.

You can also request that a copy be sent to the Galvin Library circulation desk by filling out an Interlibrary Loan request here.

Possible language for response to faculty


Thank you for your suggested addition to our collections; we will pass it along to the book purchasing group. When a decision is made, I will be in touch, and let you know an approximate time frame. Please do let me know if you require more immediate access to this item, so that we might explore what possible courses of action could work best for your needs.