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Liaisonship: Collections


Create guidelines to maintain a collection that meets the needs of the curriculum, faculty research, and provides a small leisure collection. The library collection is composed of books, journals, databases, manuscript, audiovisual, and micro-form materials.  It balances electronic, web access, multimedia, and paper to provide the most appropriate and available format for the particular item and user.

  • Collection guidelines
  • Collection Assessment
  • Donation/gift policies

Response template for suggested purchases

Possible language for response to students


Thank you for your suggestion; we will pass it along to the book purchasing group. Within the next month, this group will review this request alongside the other suggestions and evaluate if this item can be ordered. If you would like to read this book right away, there are/may be multiple copies available at nearby institutions.

You can also request that a copy be sent to the Galvin Library circulation desk by filling out an Interlibrary Loan request here: 

Possible language for response to faculty


Thank you for your suggested addition to our collections; we will pass it along to the book purchasing group. When a decision is made, I will be in touch, and let you know an approximate time frame. Please do let me know if you require more immediate access to this item, so that we might explore what possible courses of action could work best for your needs.

Suggested Purchases

Use this link to request addtions and/or replacements for damaged or missing material.