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Research Tutorial for Distance Learners: Using Your Findings

Evaluating information

You've selected a topic, conducted searches and now you need to evaluate the information you've retrieved. Some questions to ask as you review the material you've retrieved are:

  • Who is the author? 
  • When was it written?
  • Is the writing objective or biased?

For more tips on how to evaluate online resources, consult the resources listed here.


You can always contact one of the IIT librarians for assistance.



Plagiarism occurs when you use another's words or ideas without giving him/her credit. There are serious academic consequences if you are caught  plagiarizing.  You can take some simple steps to help you avoid plagiarism such as taking notes while reading,  using citation management tools , and asking a librarian if you have any questions about the ethical use of information.

For more information on how to avoid plagiarism, consult this guide created by The Writing Center. 


Subject Guide

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Get help from the Research Help Office:

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