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Discovering the "State of the Art": Journals and Journal Articles

How to conduct a comprehensive literature search for scientific or technical research

Citation Searching and Analysis using Web of Science

In addition to finding articles by topic or author, the Web of Science database allows researchers to explore scientific literature by citations and references. Web of Science allows you to follow references both backwards and forwards through time, so you can:

  • discover articles and papers citing a particular author or paper
  • determine the most influential articles and/or researchers in a particular topic by the number of times they've been cited
  • find related articles based on the number of shared references

The publisher of Web of Science provides a number of tutorials on how to use these features.

What are articles good for?

Articles are great for when you want to find the most current research on your topic or when you need detailed information about very specific subject.  There are many types of articles.  Some are written by scholars and undergo rigorous peer review; others are written by journalists in the industry and do not face the same scrutiny.  You'll find articles from journals and newspapers, as well as conference reports, book reviews, editorials, and popular magazines inside our databases. invisible

How-to Guides

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a popular way to search for scholarly articles, reports, books and more.  You can connect Google Scholar to IIT's libraries from the Library links section of Scholar Settings. This way, when you find an article you'd like to read you will be able to see if we have the article or be directed to MyILL to request it.

Google Scholar Search


Get help from the Research Help Office:

phone: (312) 567-3616


Search for journal articles

Different fields of study have their own specialized databases for searching the journal literature. Rather than list them all here, I have provided links to the different research guides created by the subject librarians. Each of these includes links to the relevant databases and most also provide a means for searching across multiple databases simultaneously.

Find a specific article

Need to find a specific article quickly?  The Articles by Citation form will connect you to the database that has the article, or take you to MyILL to request the article.