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Citation Management: Practice Using EndNoteWeb

A guide to Citation Management using two of our recommended resources: Zotero and EndNoteWeb

Set Up EndNoteWeb!

  1. Go to the EndNoteWeb page and register for a login. You must use your IIT e-mail address.
  2. Once you are logged in, you can install the following items from EndNoteWeb

    • Recommended: The "Cite While You Write" plugin that works with Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac) to organize and format your citations. 
    • An extension for FireFox that will allow you to easily add citations from databases to your account (Note: as of March 2001 this is new and pretty buggy). 

  3. Connect EndNoteWeb to the IIT library catalog:
    1. Log into EndNoteWeb.
    2. Click the "Collect" tab. The "Online Search" window will display.
    3. Click the "Select Favorites" link. 
    4. Find the "Illinois IT" item in the listbox, then click the "Copy to Favorites" button. Illinois IT will now be displayed in the My Favorites column.
    5. Click the "Hide" link to close the window. 
    6. Now when you select a database to search, only the IIT catalog should display as below:


Add Citations with EndNoteWeb

1. Collect a Database Citation

This option works with any EBSCO database: Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, PSYCInfo, Avery, etc.

  1. Go to the Academic Search Premier database. 
  2. Search for any article.
  3. In the article entry, click the    link. Select the "Direct Export to EndNote Web" option.
  4. Click the Save button. 
  5. If you are not already logged into EndNoteWeb, you will be asked to log in. Click on the "My References" tab to see your citation. 

2. Collect a Library Catalog Citation

  1. Log into EndNoteWeb.
  2. Click the "Collect" tab. The Online Search window will display. 
  3. Select the "Illinois IT" item from the list of connections. (The first section tells you how to set this up as a favorite.)
  4. In the first line enter green chemistry
  5. In the second line, enter Anastas
  6. Perform the search. You should see several results.
  7. Select the checkbox of one or more of the resulting titles. 
  8. In the listbox: , select the "New Group" option. 
  9. Enter a name for your group. 
  10. Go to the "My References" tab. You should see your new citations. 

3. Use EndNoteWeb Citations with Microsoft Word

  1. Open MS Word to a blank document.
  2. Type some text (we'll pretend that you have a citation to enter here) .
  3. Select the EndNoteWeb plug-in. (in MS Word 2010, it appears as a separate tab.)
  4. Click the "Find Citations" option in the plugin. A search box will display.
  5. Enter a word that exists in one of your citations, such as "chemistry" and click Find. You should see some results. 
  6. Select one of the options and click Insert. The citation is added with the citation style that is currently set. 
  7. Let's change the citation style. From this listbox:  , select the "Select Another Style..." option. 
  8. Select a common citation style, such as ACS or MLA. 
  9. Click OK and see that your citation style changes.