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Library Apps: International Students

Useful apps for your research and studies (note: not all apps are free)

Apps for international students

Mango Mobile Library Edition

Mango Mobile Library Edition is a powerful language learning platform that can help you learn languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Russian and more. You can get free access to more than 34 foreign language courses and 14 English as a second language courses through your profile account. Go to the Mango languages database page to create your profile. Also for: 


Hello-Hello Spanish

The app is only for Spanish. From your iPad, you can access all of the Spanish lessons you can find on their static website. What makes the app powerful is the live chat; you can drop a line to a native speaker at anytime for lesson assistance. plans on launching other languages in the near future. Also for: 

Voice Memos for iPad

This app is a simple and free voice recorder. Drop it on your iPad and record yourself practicing. For extra brownie points, compare your pronunciation to a native speaker. Practicing with a movie script is one easy way of doing this.


 53 languages

Mutual translation of 53 languages
Phonetic pronunciation of 17 languages
TTS(Text To Speech )of 17 languages . Truly natural sounding voices.

Dragon Speaking

Dragon Speaking is an easy way to practice your pronunciation. The app listens to you speak and dictates your words into text. By visually seeing how you are heard, you can move closer to speaking like a native.



The popular board game is now updated for the 21st Century and is a great tool to acquire local languages. Its power lies in Scrabble’s ability to simplify vocabulary memorization. Since the iPad version is animated and “pretty”, you’re more likely to recall the words you learn during conversation, and have fun at the same time!


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