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Illinois Tech Library Guides

Information Technology & Management: Getting Started

IIT/I-Share Catalog

Always search the IIT library catalog first for the books you want. If the item you want is not available at IIT Libraries then try your search in the I-Share catalog. IIT belongs to the I-Share consortium: a group of more than 91 academic libraries in Illinois with access to more than 38 million items. Your library account is automatically created for you after you register for classes and allows you to have books delivered right to Galvin Library (or another branch if that's more convenient for you). It usually takes 2-3 business days to have a book delivered. 

You can also use your account to tag favorite items in the catalog so that you can easily find them again later. 

Interlibrary Loan Login

IIT subscribes to more than 60,000 online journals, but there may be others that you need access to. You can get copies of those articles delivered to you electronically. You can also request any books not available in the I-share catalog from more than 8,000 libraries around the world. It usually takes 2-3 business days to have a journal article e-mailed to you. Books take longer (more than a week) because they have to be mailed and shipped from outside of Illinois. 

Search for items in the WorldCat catalog

Tell Google Scholar you're an IIT student

When Google Scholar knows you're a part of Illinois Tech, it can link you directly to some of our subscription databases. Many database vendors allow Google to index their content; change your settings to make your searches more powerful. 

From your favorite browser, go to the Library Links section of the Google Scholar settings. Search for "IIT" and add any results you find for Illinois Tech. This will allow Google Scholar to access IIT's databases to locate your article in full-text. 


Test your Off-Campus Access

Students, faculty and staff of IIT have access to nearly all of the library's electronic resources when they are off campus. 

Student privileges are assigned automatically each semester, but occasionally a problem happens that we need to fix manually. To test your access:

  1. Try to connect to the Books 24x7 database. Use the library's page for this database. Note that since you always have to log in to use this database, it doesn't matter whether you're on or off campus for this test.
  2. Enter your Banner username (the part of your email address before the "@") and password. 
  3. If your login is successful here, you'll be able to access any database from off-campus.

Note: Only students registered for classes in the current semester will have off-campus access to databases. 

When you access library databases from off-campus, make sure you do so through the library website. The links we use provide connection information to the database owner that you are affiliated with IIT. If you were to try and access the IEEE database from off campus and simply went to the link, you would not have access to the items there. If you connect through our link, you will.