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Research Basics

University level research is different from high-school research. This guide is a great starting point for learning about how to successfully conduct literature-based research, such as secondary research or a literature review.

What Is Resposible Conduct of Research?

The term "responsible conduct of research" (RCR) refers to a set of ethical guidelines for researchers to follow while designing, carrying out, and reporting research projects. Honesty, precision, efficiency, and impartiality are at the core of the RCR principles. In order to fulfill commitments and promises, honest researchers must present facts honestly. Researchers who are accurate will not make mistakes and will correctly summarize their results. Researchers who are effective are mindful of saving money and reducing waste. Researchers who are unbiased take precautions to prevent prejudice. RCR often centers on education and training initiatives to create and sustain a pool of ethical researchers.

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