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Why data management?

Managing your research data makes it easier to share quality data and metadata. Other benefits include:
organization - managing your data makes it easier to work with;
time saving - having well organized data saves you time in the long run and allows for more time to be spent on analysis;
compliance - many funding agencies require researchers to make their data available

In summary, data management makes it possible to reproduce work, preserve work, and often times, data management is a part of being compliant with research funding agencies requirements for public data sharing.


Data Sharing

Why would you choose to share your research data?

  • further science as a whole
  • further your research
  • enable new discoveries with your data
  • comply with funder data sharing requirements

Data sharing can be informal, for example, posting data on a website, sending data via email upon request, or formal, for example, added to a data repository.

Data lifecycle

Data ONE Data Life Cycle