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Library Equipment Rules of Use: Phone Chargers

A public guide collecting the various rules and policies that govern the circulation of library equipment, such as laptops, hotspots, and webcams.

Phone Charger Rules of Use

Checkout Period: 4 Hours
Renewal: 1 Renewal (Additional 4 Hours)
Replacement Fee if Damaged/Lost: $25.00
Late Fine: $5.00/Hour
Checkout Limit Per User: 1 Phone Charger
  • The Galvin Library has both Apple (Lightning) and Android (USB-C) phone chargers available for checkout.
  • Phone Chargers are for use by IIT Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Phone Chargers should only be used inside the library, and should not leave the building.
  • Please do not return a phone charger via the book drop; hand it directly to a library staff member.
  • Phone Chargers must be returned no later than 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Phone Chargers cannot be requested or reserved.
  • Please adhere to the policies of the Galvin Library.