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Structural Engineering

A guide to Civil Engineering resources in the area of Structural Engineering, including research papers, articles, data, material properties, codes, standards, patents, & product information.

Free Open Access Resources for Alumni and Others

Due to vendors' licensing restrictions, the library's subscribed research databases and subscribed journals are only available for remote access to current students, faculty, and staff. If you are on campus and have alumni access to the University's WiFi network or if you can access the EduRoam network you should have access to most of the resources listed for current students, faculty, and staff.

If you are unable to visit campus and are not a member of the Illinois Tech community, the following list of high quality resources are wholly or partially free for all users. If specific content is behind a paywall, try contacting your local library to see if they can request the item for you at no charge. Most libraries, including public libraries, offer this service, often known as Interlibrary Loan.

For more information about our alumni and guest services, see our Services for Alumni page and our Visitor Policy.