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Computer Engineering

A guide to Computer Engineering resources, including research papers, articles, data, material properties, codes, standards, patents, & product information.

Why Use a Research Database Instead of Google or Google Scholar?

Despite their learning curve, there are a number of compelling reasons for using a research database rather than Google or Google Scholar.

  • Research databases use controlled vocabulary to optimize both precision and recall.
    • This allows you to zero in on exactly those research papers you need without having to wade through countless irrelevant results or miss essential papers because you didn't choose the right keywords.
  • Research databases are often specialized, focusing on a particular topic or area of study.
    • This helps by removing a large number of irrelevant, off-topic results and focusing your search only in the areas of study that you're interested in.
  • Because of the subject specialization, the controlled vocabulary is usually highly specialized to reflect the needs of the particular area of study.
    • For example, in a psychology or medical database, you can specifically limit your search to studies or clinical trials concerning a particular population group or age group.
  • Research databases carefully evaluate the resources they index to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

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